Society’s best kept secret

The injustice.

trying to trace back where patriarchy originated. Why is it that women’s minds and bodies are controlled. Why is their sexuality, their decision made such a big deal out of.  Why must a woman be told what to do, who she must be, what she can and cannot do. Who decides, why do they decide? Why are certain values only taught to our daughters? Why must women be taught to compromise?

Why must women be ‘married’. why must they be expected to raise kids, do the housework only. why can’t they be CEOs or Ministers. Why is it not okay to be gay. Why can’t I marry if I’m gay. Why can’t I raise a child of I’m gay. Why can’t I be a single mom? Why do I crave the love of a man, why do I need that dependance? What is true love? Do emotions exist?

I re-iterate the term. I am a genderist. Genderism – as derived from Feminism is the radical notion that no matter what gender I am, I am a human being.

#gayrights are #humanrights





The question: If one of the 7 sins were to kill you, which would you die of?